Charlton’s Phased Approach for On-Premise Dining

On March 3, 2020, Chef Bob began to modify his menu in the event business would be affected by this pandemic and by St. Patrick’s Day, the new operating hours, menu, family meals and personal culinary services were operational. Knowing that a return to normalcy was probably a long-way off, Chef Bob executed a market research project resulting in our phased approach for on-premise dining while expanding dining options so people can limit exposure while enjoying their dining experience.

PHASE I – March 24 to May 10 – (1) No On-premise dining services. (2) We are open for online, phone and walk-in orders for Free Delivery, Carryout, Curbside Pickup and Pickup on the Beer & Pet Patio. (3) Patio, redesigned for social distancing, allows for people and pets to relax, get some fresh air and enjoy a purchased refreshment.

PHASE II – Tuesday, May 12 – (1) Dine-in Available up to 35 people on the Beer & Pet Patio and in the dining room. (2) All seating, inside and on patio, set for social distancing. (3) Online, phone and walk-in ordering still available with Free Delivery, Carryout, Curbside Pickup and Pickup on the Beer & Pet Patio where people and pets can just sit, relax and enjoy a purchased refreshment or wait for their food order.

PHASE III – Tuesday, May 19 – (1) Dine-in expanded to 40 people. (2) Parties of up to 10 per table are permitted in dining room only. (3) Charlton’s expands services – (a) Online ordering allows for alcohol purchase for dining room, patio, carryout or delivery. (b) Parking Lot Picnic delivery (provides delivery to people who bring camp chairs for a picnic in our parking lot. Some people who want to dine out but not around people. So come to Charlton’s and have a picnic!)

Charlton’s PHASE IV – Friday, June 12 – Takin’ It outside

Who are the Charlton’s

Independent, local-family-owned & operated, Veteran-supporting, gluten-friendly, kid-friendly, pet-friendly restaurant where the Chef / Owner are onsite everyday.

A hidden gem of food located on the corner of the Tri-cities (Roswell, Alpharetta and Johns Creek) at Haynes Bridge and Old Alabama Road behind the Walgreens in the Fresh Market Shopping Center.

Chef Robert Charlton graduated Magna Cum Laude with the Gold Medal of Culinary Excellence in 1993 and spent summers with his wife and children on Long Beach Island, NJ as a Partner/Sous Chef at a Charles’ Seafood Garden, a 5-dining room, 220-seat restaurant.  In October, the family closed the restaurant and migrated to Sarasota, FL where on Nov 1, Chef Bob resumed his position as the Executive Sous Chef at Laurel Oaks Country Club through April 15.

In 2000, Chef Bob transitioned from the kitchen to technology sales and after 17 years of moving the family across the country, traveling worldwide 300+ days/year, living on takeout food and missing his family, Chef and Bethanne Charlton purchased a failing wing restaurant.  It was easy to trade a 2200+ mile weekly commute for a 5-mile daily round-trip and Chef Bob also had a much different perspective of food, service and the importance of a neighborhood.

Charlton’s is the only restaurant whose culinary-trained owner is an Eagle Scout, designed a menu to be Gluten-friendly, for kids, youth, teens, those forever young (don’t like senior citzens) and is onsite everyday.

What really sets Charlton’s above other restaurants could be the homemade food, soups and sauces but in reality, it is the fact that Chef Bob cares about the food he serves.

Above that, he takes the time to engage customers, talk with the children and believes that a ‘true’ neighborhood restaurant supports the neighborhoods meaning that a person should be treated to the same dining experience whether at 5 pm, 5 minutes before closing, take an order after closing or hold the door for 15 minutes.

In fact, don’t be surprised to have Chef Bob personally serving and cook your meal.

If you are looking for that little ‘home away from home’ after moving, a tasty gluten-friendly sandwich, a Chef who understands how to feed your picky child or just find a quiet place to do some work or a craft beer on the patio watching the traffic to pass–on–by then stop in and say ‘Hi’ to Chef!

You’ll be glad you did because Charlton’s is a true ‘Neighborhood Place!”

Passing the Torch:

American Wing Company


Charlton’s Grill and Tap

In 2003, the Charlton Family moved to Roswell and we found the American Wing Company in the Publix shopping center. Chef Bob at that time was a sales rep, would stop in after work for a beer and wings before he got home since he had to stop by Publix for his wife. Yeah, that was the excuse!

Once Vic moved American Wing Company to the Fresh Market location, every Friday night we ordered 15 Lemon Pepper, 15 Medium Wings and a large pizza from Allesio’s (now Santino’s). Vic, Sam, Alex, Amanda, Elvis and the staff would greet you as if you walked into their living room; it was that little ‘home away from home’ feeling. I would bring Wil and Emma here as a treat after going to the park, playing or a perfect end to a Daddy day because Sam actually cared about the food they served.

Unfortunately, that quickly faded after they sold the American Wing Company and after several owners, we lost that great neighborhood place and stopped coming in 2007.

In April 2016, Vic Cauthen was the first call Chef Robert before pursuing the purchase of the American Wing Company and after the purchase, celebrated Vic & his wife’s anniversary with our whole family.

It was on this night that Chef Bob presented the American Wing Company logo, Vic Cauthen.

Vic returned it to Chef Bob because the realization that Charlton’s Grill and Tap was bringing his original neighborhood family restaurant back to the area neighborhoods.  This is the picture of Vic Cauthen passing the torch to Chef Bob and his family.

Many of the recipes from American Wing Company remained but now with Chef Bob’s culinary flair. Our greatest accomplishment thus far, has been bringing that neighborhood restaurant where the owners and staff greet you as if you walked into their living room.

Our hope is to insure that the legacy started by Vic and Sam continues with Chef Bob, the Charlton Family and staff.