Who are the Charlton’s

Independent, family-owned, family-operated, Veteran-supporting, kid-friendly, gluten-friendly restaurant with a gated pet-friendly Pooch Patio.  Charlton’s Grill and Tap is the end-cap restaurant located where the Tri-cities meet (Roswell, Alpharetta and Johns Creek) at the corner of Haynes Bridge and Old Alabama Road in the Fresh Market Shopping Center behind the Walgreens.

Owner and Chef Robert Charlton, High Honors and Culinary Excellence Gold Medal graduate, his wife Bethanne and kids spent summers during the 1990’s on Long Beach Island, NJ as a Partner/Sous Chef at Charles’ Seafood Garden.  In October every year, Robert, Bethanne and Family would migrate to Sarasota, FL where he was the Executive Sous Chef at Laurel Oaks Country Club.  In 2000, he transitioned to technology sales and after 17 years of traveling 300+ days/year, living on restaurant takeout food and missing his family, Chef and Bethanne Charlton purchased a local, failing wing restaurant.  Chef traded his 2200+ mile weekly commute for a 5 mile daily round-trip in his return to the culinary arts with a much different perspective of food, service and the importance of a neighborhood.

Charlton’s is the only restaurant in the tri-cities whose culinary-trained Owner designed his entire menu to be Gluten-friendly, provides diverse vegetarian options, offers not only a children’s menu but created a Youth / Teen Menu specific for those ages 9-14.  Chef Charlton created 25+ homemade wing sauces, is onsite daily, meets customers, takes the time to talk with the children and you never know if your server will be Bethanne, Emma, Donna, Wil or even the Chef himself.  Charlton’s is a real, family operated neighborhood restaurant.

What really sets Charlton’s apart is our Chef and Bethanne Charlton.  They believe that a ‘real’ neighborhood restaurant supports the neighborhoods meaning that you should enjoy the same dining experience at 5 pm when you walk in 5 minutes before closing or even call to place an order for pickup or hold the door for 15 minutes for you.  In fact, don’t be surprised to have Chef Charlton personally cook your meal.

If you are looking for that little ‘home away from home’ after moving, a tasty gluten-friendly sandwich, a Chef who understands how to feed your picky child or just find a quiet place to do some work or a craft beer on the patio watching the traffic to pass – on – by then stop in and say ‘Hi’ to Chef!

You’ll be glad you did because Charlton’s is a real ‘Neighborhood Place!”

Passing the Torch:

American Wing Co to Charlton’s

Before this picture was taken, Chef Robert presented the American Wing Company logo to the original owner, Vic Cauthen.  Vic gave it back to Chef because he realized that Charlton’s Grill and Tap was bringing back the neighborhood family restaurant he originally created, back to the area neighborhoods.  This picture represents Vic Cauthen passing the torch to Chef Charlton and his family.

So the story on how we got to the day that picture was taken begins in March 2003, after moving to Roswell, the Charlton family found the American Wing Company then located where the Renasant Bank is in the Publix Shopping Center, as it had the best wings.  It was not until the American Wing Company moved to our current location, in the Fresh Market Shopping center, that Chef Robert got to know the owners, Vic Cauthen and Sam.

When you walked into the American Wing Company, it was like finding that little ‘home away from home’ as Vic and Sam would greet you as if you walked into their living room.  The staff were also great like Alex, Amanda, Elvis, Roberto was in the kitchen and the food, was the reason you would come back.  This was the place I brought Wil and Emma as a treat after going to the park, playing or the perfect end to a Daddy day!  That quickly faded after Vic and Sam sold the American Wing Company which changed hands a few times but ultimately, that great neighborhood place was no more and we stopped coming in 2007.

When asked “if Robert will get a restaurant” Bethanne’s response was “when he signs he divorce papers” but she had a soft-spot for the American Wing Company.  So when we found out that the American Wing Company was for sale, Bethanne approved the purchase because “our neighborhoods need a restaurant where the owner lives here, their children go to school here, where the owner greets you when you walk in the door and treats you like a human being, not a sale.”

The first call Chef Robert made in April 2016 before purchasing the American Wing Company was to Vic.  After the purchase, Vic brought his wife to Charlton’s on their Anniversary where she met our whole family and instructed me on how to make HER ‘Cheese Wings.’  Apparently we made a good impression because a few days after their visit, I hired a new employee, Roberto, who worked with Vic and Sam at the original American Wing Company.

We made sure that Charlton’s Grill and Tap kept the concept and recipes while adding a few of Chef Robert’s culinary delights to the menu like adding a Youth/Teen menu.  The most significant change was to bring back that neighborhood restaurant where the owners and staff greet you as if you walked into their living room.  Our hope is to insure that the legacy started by Vic and Sam continues with Chef Robert, Bethanne, Wil, Emma and Donna Charlton.

Draft and Craft Beers, Craft Beer Creations and Wine

Charlton’s Grill and Tap supports our local breweries with their beers on draft including Alpharetta’s Jekyll Hop Dang Diggity, Roswell’s Gate City Copperhead Ale, Buckhead’s Sweetwater 420 and Woodstock’s Reformation Union Reformed Belgian White as well as many locally brewed craft beers from Jekyll (Alpharetta), Southbound (Savannah), Eventide (Grant Park, Atlanta).

Chef Robert has also created one-of-a-kind menu of Black and Tans, Dirty Hippie and Snakebites that are found nowhere else in the area.  These are great drinks to have while we get into the meat of the seasons for watching the SEC, ACC, College and NFL football.

We look forward to seeing you.  Stop by to say hi to our family, there will always be a Charlton at Charlton’s Grill and Tap.


Robert and Beth met on the last day of classes of their last semester at West Chester University in PA and married 7 months later.  As the story goes, they then dated for 2 years before having children and that was 25+ years ago.

Beth grew up in a restaurant, literally.  Her bedroom was above the kitchen of her parent’s 85-seat restaurant in Ship Bottom, NJ.  A few years later her new house was attached to a 220-seat, 5 dining room restaurant called Charles’ Seafood Garden and Angus Steakhouse in Beach Haven Crest, NJ.  It was here that Beth worked through school, marriage and the birth of our two oldest children, Wil and Emma, who grew up in the restaurant.

Robert is an Eagle Scout, had a lawn business with his younger brothers and interned with the Philadelphia 76ers for his Bachelor’s degree.  Shortly after the wedding, he received a Culinary Arts Associates degree working as a Co-Partner / Sous Chef of Charles’ Seafood Garden and Angus Steakhouse in the spring and summer.  Once the restaurant was clean, packed up and prepped for a winter nap, the family traveled south to sunny Sarasota, FL where Robert was the Executive Sous Chef at Laurel Oak Country Club.

Robert and Beth left the culinary arts at the turn of the century (always wanted to say that) with Beth focused on raising the children and Robert in technology.  In a three-year period, they lived in Beach Haven Crest, Sarasota, Palo Alto, Cincinnati and arrived in Roswell just in time to welcome their third child, Donna.

While in Roswell, Robert and Beth continued to use their culinary talents to benefit the Atlanta Area and Milton District Boys Scouts, Venturing, Wood Badge, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, youth group fundraisers and multiple Centennial high school band and athletic organizations.