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Our menu and its pricing can be changed without notice due to market pricing and/or availability.

Charlton’s has altered our food allergy, sanitary and staff processes for a safe, minimal contact dining experience. Chef Bob cares about every order he personally prepares, and it takes a little longer, but people say, “it’s worth the wait.”

Charlton’s menu is Celiac-Friendly designed by a local family for our neighbor’s of all ages with Chef Bob onsite daily preparing ‘scratch’ recipes and all food cooked to order in an open kitchen then served in his Family’s dining room for a fair price and if there is an issue, Chef Bob, the Owner, is onsite and handles it.

THIS is what makes Charlton’s a different and a true neighborhood restaurant.

Dirty Smoked Fried Chicken


Chicken Thighs and Legs rubbed with Chef Bob’s Honey spiced rub, smoked then when ordered, dropped in the fryer where the Honey caramelizes the chicken and with a light toss of Chef Bob’s Alpharetta Mild Rub, you have the juiciest, Gluten-free fried chicken ever!

Dirty Smoked Fried Chicken sold from  1 to 10+ pieces, no sides or dressing keeps the price down.  All sides, sauces, dips, etc. are extra.

Is it good?  Well, we suggest you try it yourself but know, during market testing, 95% of the Chicken never made it out the front door!

Menu Stories

On our Barrington Farms street we call ‘the Creek,’ everyone loves our neighbor Tommie’s Chicken Buffalo Dip and is a huge hit at all our parties.  So, when creating our original menu in 2016, we asked that her dip be part of our business and she gave us permission to use her recipe.  So we named it after her!

Emery is Tommie’s husband and whenever she made Chicken Buffalo Dip, he would put it on anything edible as a vehicle to get the ‘dip’ into  his belly!  Em passed away before we opened in 2016 and to honor him, we took his favorite bacon cheddar burger and added Tommie’s Dip.  We can see him smiling every time we make one.  Love and miss you Em!

Emma was walking by the open door to Chef Bob’s office and glancing through the door, saw a draft menu and upon seeing ‘Moldy Pig’ said, “Dad, you can’t put that on the menu!  Chef Bob calmly replied, “put what?”  Emma replied “that!  Moldy Pig?  It’s disgusting!”  Chef Bob laughed “well you made my point now come here and read it, then tell me what you think.”  After reading, Emma said “Yeah, your right.  Keep it!  That looks good.  When do I get to try it?”

Wil Charlton’s favorite toy was a little plastic cowboy named ‘Cranky Jones’ and his favorite food was a burger, no cheese.  So, his Pop-pop, Chef Charles who was famous for making up names, was trying to get Wil’s attention on the beach and yelled, “Wilburgerjones!”  The name stuck!

On Friday, July 8, 2016, our opening day, a couple walked in at 6:15 and upon being greeted, the gentleman said, “Nice menu.  Here is what I want.  A salad with lettuce tossed with Blue Cheese dressing, Blue Cheese crumbles, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and a Medium well burger diced up on top.”  Emma looked at him and said, “we don’t have that on the menu.”  He said, “Well it should be!  The owner is a Chef, right?  So, let’s see what he can do!”  He had the same salad every Friday for 3 months and when we updated the menu, we added his salad, The Ross!

In February of 2020 while her family was eating dinner, the mother asked Chef Bob as he stopped by the table “at work, every Wednesday’s lunch special at my office cafeteria is Buffalo Chicken Salad and it is mobbed.  You got the Chicken, the great wing sauces and homemade Blue Cheese and it is Gluten-free so I can eat it.  Why don’t you have that salad on the menu?”  We added it the next day.  Thank you, Amanda!

We received a phone order for a Teen Burger, Yellow American Cheese and fries.  That was it, nothing more.  When the mother came in for the burger, I asked “only a Teen burger?”  She smiled and said, “we were ordering at the Chick-fil-a drive-thru when I asked Gabriel what he wanted and his reply was “Mom, I want my favorite burger!”  She replied, “What’s that?” Gabriel said, “Chef Bob’s Teen Burger with cheese and fries.” So, as we sat in line for our Chick-fil-a order, we called you for this burger!”  Well, it is still his favorite and we named it after Gabriel, so everyone knows.

Matt is a member of the Champions Community, the Titan’s Wheelchair sports and always had people taking his picture.  When he would leave, we would pretend that there were paparazzi outside take his picture.  You know when Matt arrives as he yells “Hey Bob!”  We are truly blessed to have Matt as a customer and now a neighbor at Champions Place!

While testing a Philly-style Cheesesteak to add to the menu.  Chef Bob added a homemade seasoned cheddar cheese sauce to this version of the Philly.  As the man was finishing his lunch, Chef stopped by to get his feedback.  He said, “I can describe this sandwich with one word.  Another.  I started with a big bite and as I ate the cheesesteak, I took smaller bites to make it last longer.  When I finished, I just felt like I needed just one more bite.  Another.”  Other customers confirmed the sediment and we haven’t changed a thing since!

Food Descriptions

New York Style with buttered Rye griddled, homemade Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Pastrami or if available, Smoked Corned Beef Brisket, Sauerkraut!

Tara Reuben, named after my sister-in-law, Tara Charlton, is any Reuben style with no Butter so, the Rye bread is just toasted on the griddle!

New York Style with buttered Rye griddled, homemade Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Smoked Turkey and Sauerkraut!

Buttered Rye griddled, homemade Russian Dressing, Swiss Cheese, Smoked Turkey and Coleslaw!

Chicken Thighs and Legs (Drumsticks) with a spiced honey rub are smoked then fried to order.  During our market research, most of the chicken never made it out the door.

Our Miami Cuban is based upon a Traditional Cuban that consists of yellow mustard, pickles, Mojo Pork, ham and Swiss cheese

Chef Bob’s original creation came to be as we ran out of pork but we had smoked Turkey breast.  The customer Paul, said he would try it and while he ate it, he used our Flying Mayo to dip and BAM!  New Cuban!  Just like it’s island cousin, a Traditional Cuban but with Smoked Turkey Breast and our Buffalo Flying Mayo then pressed.

Chef Bob’s original creation is exactly like a Traditional Cuban but with ingredients found in Louisiana Creole that consists of Creole Honey Mustard, pickled Okra, Spiced BBQ Pork, Andouille Sausage, Cheddar Cheese and our Buffalo Flying Mayo then pressed.

In honor of my friend, Alan who is a member of the Sioux Nation, Chef Bob created this Cuban with Smoked Corned Beef Brisket.  The Dakota Cuban consists of spicy brown mustard, pickles, Smoked Corned Beef Brisket Mojo, ham, Smoked Gouda Cheese and a horseradish sauce then pressed.

Information Regarding Chef Bob’s Operation

We are Celiac-Friendly, not Celiac-free so however unlikely, cross-contamination could occur.

No Peanuts or oils are used in cooking or in any cooking process.

Precautions and changes to cooking processes can ONLY be implemented if Chef Bob is made aware of a potential food allergy.

Onion Rings are the ONLY Celiac fried items cooked in the fryer with our Celiac-free French Fries, and Potato Chips.  When informed of a Celiac-free customer, for medical or personal reasons is irrelevant, any Celiac-free food items are chicken fryers that are Celiac-free.

Chef Bob usually comes to the table to meet and talk with neighbors who have a food allergy.  If there are any questions about Celiac-Friendly menu items, food allergies and the ingredients used to create and prepare our foods, walk-in any Wednesday through Sunday after 2 pm or call Chef Bob Charlton at (770) 442-9005.

So, why is this important for you to know?

Well, some reviewers (whom never set foot in our restaurant) have been critical of our food preparation, cooking process, our lack of awareness on cross-contamination potential, etc. for the purpose of steering you away from trying our restaurant.

Chef Bob is a culinary-trained Chef, his wife and neighbors are Gluten-free with one person actually allergic to Chicken.  We are quite confident that making our neighbors who support our business sick or potentially dead is the best way to build a strong, repetitive Neighborhood-focused restaurant.