The greatest music we know today was first performed live before pressed onto vinyl.

Visualize the evolution of your favorite song; the first pen stroke to the vinyl recording and The Originals at Charlton’s is that ‘live test performance’ in the middle!

An evolution of our Open Mic Tuesday hosted by The Guitar Room’s legendary musician Derek Ferwerda, that has been described as a refreshing change to the usual where the food and drink are amazing but the musicality of the individual artists explode in front of your eyes as they play together, some for the very first time.  Listening to Cassie Gibson, an up-n-coming singer/songwriter, perform an original song when percussionist, singer and songwriter Bradie Speller, jumps behind his bongos and Derek Ferwerda on his bass to enhance her performance which was described by an Artist as “an easy $200 ticket.  That was amazing!”

This is the true music.  It is what you never see coming until it is there in front of you!

So when talking about Original Music performed live, Charlton’s has found there are few venues that allow Original Music as they opt for cover songs people know and can drink too.  It is hard for an Artist to evolve a song when playing in front of a mirror so The Originals at Charlton’s purpose is to provide an intimate venue designed for original music, art, comedy and the evolution of these artforms.

Graphic Artists, Cartoonists, Comedians, Musicians with Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, Indie/Alt, Jazz, Rap or Instrumental are all welcome to grace the stage at Charlton’s.

If interested in performing, Join The Originals at Charlton’s Facebook group.