Due to Arthritis, the Charlton family started a Gluten-free diet back in 2012.

When eating out and asking restaurants for a Gluten-free menu, they would provide a 5 x 7 index card with 3 or 4 items.  As a Chef, I could not understand how 60 items on one menu produced only a minimal of Gluten-free dishes.

Fast-forward to 2016, when creating the menu for Charlton’s, it was imperative that we maximized the Gluten-free offerings WITHOUT sacrificing flavor!  Let’s face it, no one said Gluten-free and other dietary restrictions had to taste bad.

So, we make our Wings Crispy, without breading the wings and our Homemade Wing Sauces are free of both Dairy and Gluten.  It took us 14 months to find a Gluten-free bread/roll that will make good French Toast or our Nutella / Banana Stuffed French as well as a Reuben, Cuban, Burger and Fish Sandwich.  How about some Gluten-free Sausage Gravy or Smoked Gouda Grits separately or together as they are the perfect Ying-n-Yang!

The best part of cooking is seeing people’s eyes twinkle as a grin appears on their face as it light’s up as they enjoy their first Reuben, Cuban, French Toast or Sausage Gravy in 15 years.

It is these small things that validates that we did something right!

Chef Bob Charlton