We are Gluten-Friendly, not gluten-free so however unlikely, cross-contamination could occur.

No Peanuts or oils are used in cooking or in any cooking process.

Please inform Chef Bob of any food allergies as precautions and changes to the cooking process can ONLY be made if Chef Bob is aware of a potential situation.

Information Regarding Our Operation

Almonds are ingredient for a specific entree, kept in containers, are ONLY added upon creation of the dish and can be removed upon request.

Fried Cod and Onion Rings are the ONLY gluten fried items.  These are usually cooked in the fryer with our Gluten-free French Fries, Tater Tots and Potato Chips.  When a customer identifies themselves to our Staff as Gluten-free, for medical or personal reasons is irrelevant, the Gluten-free French Fries, Tater Tots and Potato Chips are cooked in our Gluten-free chicken fryers.

If your waitress says “Let me go check on the Gluten-free fryer.”  This means they are coming to tell Chef Bob that there is a neighbor in the restaurant that has a food allergy.  Again, unless Chef Bob is aware of any food allergies, he is unable to take the required precautions or make changes to the food and/or cooking process to avoid a potential situation.

Chef Bob usually comes to the table to meet and talk with the neighbor with the food allergy.  If you have any questions about Gluten-Friendly menu items, food allergies and the ingredients used to create and prepare our foods, walk-in any Wednesday through Sunday after 2 pm or call Chef Bob Charlton at (770) 442-9005.

So, why is this important for you to know?
Well, some social media restaurant reviewers (whom never set foot in our restaurant) have been critical of our food preparation, cooking process, our lack of awareness on cross-contamination potential, etc. for the purpose of steering you away from trying our restaurant.
Chef Bob is a culinary-trained Chef, his wife and neighbors are Gluten-free with one person actually allergic to Chicken.  So if you think that making your neighbors sick is the best way to build a strong, repetitive Neighborhood-focused restaurant … then …


The Only Neighborhood BBQ Joint . . .

East of GA 400, West of Medlock Bridge and South of Milton Parkway to the Hooch

. . . Personally Made to Order by Chef Bob

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Charlton’s Menus

Chef Bob Charlton listens to his Neighbors culinary suggestions, feedback on their dining experience and conducts extensive research and testing before printed on any menu.

All menu items are prepared-to-order which we admit takes more time to prepare your meal but freshly made food is why reviewers say our food is good!

Our menus are subject to change in both content as well as price based upon market conditions.

Brunch Menu.1.2020

Served Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 3 PM

2020 New Menu Items by Chef Bob

(GF) House Texas Queso Appetizer, (GF) Amanda’s Buffalo Chicken Salad (Fried or Grilled), (GF) Chicken Sandwich (Fried or Grilled)

(GF) GrandFather Bob Grilled Cheese & More, (GF) Handbreaded Chicken Nuggets, Flatbreads (Napoli, 2-Day Garlic Cheddar, Creekster’s & Philly Cheesesteak),

Jan_2020 Menu

Charlton’s has 6 Standard Draft Beers and a Rotating IPA

Harig’s Kentucky Ale (House Beer), Six Bridges Medlock IPA, Stella, Yuengling Lager and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

Charlton’s is the FIRST & ONLY Georgia Tavern to serve the dark brewed Yuengling Porter

Beverage Menu_2.2020