live music

The Originals at Charlton’s is the only area venue focusing on the performance of original music, art and comedy. Our stage welcomes all genre of Artists, Poets, Literature, Musicians playing Classical, Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, Indie/Alt, Jazz, Rap and we LIVE STREAM on Facebook every Saturday Night!

The Originals began with Laurie Lockie, a guy with a 70’s-style hair, rock star strut with a Jersey-boy tone; Derek Ferwerda and Jason Von Stein, whose only desire is to perform his father’s songs because of an illness, he can no longer play his music.

Our venue gives people an opportunity to perform and show the world why they “need to give me 5 minutes!” I always think … what great music we love would have never been heard if a person did not give someone a chance?

Join The Originals Facebook Group if interested in performing. We recommend you sign-up for our Open Mic Tuesday to can see the venue, meet Chef Bob and maybe, have some fun!

We thank to everyone who participated and joined us as The Originals at Charlton’s celebrated the 4th Anniversary of Charlton’s Grill and Tap on Saturday, July 11, 2020!

Anniversary Music Line-up

Kelley Bostian

Laura Lockie

Mark Schroeder

Von Stein Band (featuring music of Jim Von Stein)

Anniversary Comedy Line-up

Eric Dowis

Keith Vance

Yoshee So