The Originals at Charlton’s

The Originals at Charlton’s is an evolution of Charlton’s Open Mic Tuesday.

Chef Robert ‘Bob’ Charlton is a Culinary Artist who has lives with the struggle of breaking out of the shadows, to be seen, heard, accepted and appreciated by the public.  So Chef Bob created a-one-of-a-kind Artistic venue in North Atlanta for his fellow Artists to perform their Music, Art, Poetry and Comedy in front of a public audience.

The Originals at Charlton’s Stage welcomes Graphic Artists, Poets, Literature, Music genres like, but not limited to, Classical, Rock, Blues, Acoustic, Bluegrass, Country, Americana, Folk, Indie/Alt, Jazz, Rap or Instrumental genres.

The Originals at Charlton’s LIVE STREAMS our Saturday Night events with Facebook and You Tube.  Join The Originals Facebook Group by clicking here to watch the live stream and keep up to date on the Artists that will appear each week.

If interested in performing, it is highly suggested you sign-up to play on our Open Mic Tuesday so you can see the venue, meet Chef Bob and maybe have a little fun.