Post-Game Catered Picnic

Celebrate your team with a post-game catered picnic!

Alabama’s Lou Saban was right, “maintain the team, family bubble, and everyone will be safe. It’s when the players go outside this bubble that problems arise.”  

In this new world, no restaurant can maintain the Family/Team safety bubble when 60 people descend after a game looking for food, refreshment, and to relax except maybe someone who understands like Chef Bob!

This is not a “one-size-fits-all-pick-from-a-menu” situation because if it were, everyone would be doing it. It actually takes a person that has experience dealing with multiple people, multiple ages with various dietary requirements, and ensuring that expectations are not only understood but delivered.

Give Chef Bob Charlton a call at (770) 442-9005, Monday through Sunday, 2 to 9 pm to see what Charlton’s can do for your Team, Group, or family to relax, enjoy and dine out again as a team, on your own terms! (Honestly, what’s the worst that can happen. . . you go home after the game?)