Charlton's Grill and Tap

About us

I was a Chef in the 1990’s, transitioned into technology sales in 2000 and after 16 years, in July 2016, we purchased the American Wing Company (AWC) started by Vic Cauthen (pic above with Chef Bob) and Sam Harris which, 14 years prior, was the neighborhood’s hangout with big, jumbo, always crispy wings, great service and Vic or Sam were always onsite at your table treating you like a guest, not a customer.

After Vic and Sam sold the AWC, we watched the steady decline of the AWC to a miserably, failing restaurant and my 10-year fruitless search to find a crispy, jumbo wing. I chose to step away from technology, purchased the AWC, cleaned her up and reopened as Charlton’s Grill and Tap.

I returned to the Culinary Arts with a single mission that continues through today: make the best, unique food possible that cannot be found anywhere else and provide a fun, family atmosphere for the neighbors that support us.

Why Celiac-friendly or gluten-free food?

Before our restaurant, we used gluten-free foods to control arthritis. a Chef, I was frustrated knowing some of those 60 items were only 1 or 2 ingredients away from gluten-free but the requested gluten-free menu, an index card sized menu, would have only 3-5 items. Each gluten-free meal was a disappointing experience.

So, when creating my menu, the goal was simple … make as many menu items’ gluten-free as possible BUT each had to have good flavor with the texture of real food and if requested for takeout, it could make the journey home without falling apart.

I could write a book trying to convince you, the person reading this, on how great everything is at Charlton’s, but I hate to break the bad news; it really comes down to your experience. Every experience is different, but we know that if you walk in with a fun attitude, you will have a great time!

Yep! Here it is! The Answers!

It's obvious that Chef Bob is behind the innovation at Charlton's but does he ever acknowledge the work of others?

Chef Bob and Charlton's would not be here today is it was not for the input and help of others. This website would not be here without Spothopper as well as the video on our home page. However, we have to credit Derek Ferwerda for the composing, performing and producing the music with Brian Wilson. The portrait of Chef Bob was done by Amanda Henke (FB @amandahenke) who is an amazing artist!

Is Chef Bob a REAL Chef or does he just use the title because he owns the restaurant?

Chef Bob is a real Chef. He has 2 degrees with one an Associates of Arts for the Culinary Arts in which he graduated with a 3.98 GPA and Gold Medal for Culinary Excellence from the Academy of Culinary Arts outside Atlantic City, NJ. He was the Steward for a chain-restaurant, Executive Sous & Banquet Chef at an esteemed Sarasota Country Club for 6 years and was a restaurant partner in a fine-dining 220-seat restaurant before transitioning into technology sales in 2000.

Does it really take a long time to get your food at Charlton’s?

The pandemic made permanent changes to Chef Bob's entire food operation with the biggest change being that 90% of all food is made to order. Yes, the changes in food preparation have made the cooking process longer, but the fact that each person’s meal is made 10 minutes before a neighbor takes a bite … general feedback has been "it's well worth the wait."

I want to eat out but am not comfortable in or around a restaurant or people, what are my options?

Chef Bob’s dining options let you get out, be normal but also be safe by using Charlton’s online ordering and completing your dining preference. Select one of the following when ordering:

  • Dine-in selection is for interior dining, but seating is limited. Order your food, beer, wine, soda and pay online. When you arrive, check-in with the hostess who confirms your order, informs the kitchen you arrived so they begin the food and you take your seat while we deliver your drinks. The food should arrive in 10-15 minutes and when you are done, you get up and walk out (unless you made an additional purchase).
  • Beer Patio selection is for outdoor Patio seating with 5 round tables, comfortable seating up to 5 people per table and all tables are set 6+ feet apart.
  • Beer Pet Patio selection tells us to expect a dog on our Beer Pet Patio. We provide a water bowl and proudly have a snack serving of locally produced Lucy’s Mutt Loaf.
  • Parking Lot Picnic selection is perfect for those who want to dine-out without other people around so use our parking lot, setup camp chairs. Call us when you arrive and we will deliver your order of food, soda, beer, and wine to you, at your car, so you can enjoy dining out on Your terms!

Charlton’s Partnership with Champions Community

COMMUNITY INTEGRATION is complete with our Partnership with the Champions Community/Titan Wheelchair team as $1 from every purchase from ‘The Titan Grill’ is donated to provide catered meals for the 80+ families of the Champions Community.

So, we look forward to having you stop in to visit us. If you have read to this point, when you come to visit, introduce yourself to Chef Bob and tell him you read this!

Charlton’s is Not a restaurant; it is a neighborhood Family.